Graphic design: what is it?

In this modern era, technology has brought many changes with the introduction of many advanced software. Communication design is one of the most advanced aspects of graphic design. This is indeed the art of planning, designing, and incorporating ideas in a visual, analytical and textual way. Graphic design, in short, is the technical term of designing a logo, signage or poster by including images, words, animations and graphic forms.

While a small scale project involves logo designing and creating signage, a large project may include anything like designing a commercial or creating a physical content with graphics for an international forum. Graphic designing also include animation work, which is hugely popular in the movie industry. For the last few decades, graphic designing has evolved as a backbone of the technology industry and a booming field. Business owners, marketers and clients use graphic designers to create informative and visually appealing banners, posters, logos, movies and even well-crafted motion-graphic pictures.

What to look for when hiring a graphic designer?

Hiring a graphic designer is a good idea if you want a professional looking logo designed for your company. A good graphic designer can be very beneficial and one of the most important contributors to your company and business. While designing an effective communication plan, you will want some visually appealing slides, graphically designed content, and ad banners. Therefore, a graphic designer can be very beneficial for your business’ success. After all, you can engage your target audience with a creative presentation, skillfully designed campaign, and well-crafted advertisement. However, it is important to take a few factors into consideration while hiring a graphic designer. Some of the factors are:

  1. Experience of the designer
  2. Their job portfolio
  3. Subject matter knowledge
  4. Company reviews and testimonials
  5. Pricing details
  6. Billing rates
  7. Flexibility for the project
  8. Open to any advice and suggestion

What equipment and software are used?

Professional graphic designers use a number of equipments and software in the process of graphic design. Although these individuals have a creative mind and an artistic inclination, they need some technical tools and software to create what they clients want. Some of the essential tools in graphic designing are depicted here.

Sketchpads: The designers need a tablet sketchpad to draw an outline of the design for the project. This is a traditional tool to sketch out the frames, ideas and to create rough designs. Designers now use a number of advanced sketchpad options for these tasks too. Sketchpads allow a graphic designer to jot down his ideas easily and quickly to create the rough design.

Computers: Designers cannot work without a computer. This device gives every designer the space to expand their creative thoughts and creates the final product as per the client’s requirements. Nowadays, designers use smart devices such as tablets and notebooks for their graphic design work.

Software: Technology has certainly opened many new doors by offering endless opportunities. Graphic designing at present includes the usage of many advanced software that can help create illustrations, stylize text, enhance picture qualities and synergize the contents within the designed layouts.

What does Graphic Design in San Diego cost?

The price of a graphic design project varies depending on the work, total hours spend and the difficulty of the project. The designers charge an hourly rate throughout the project. On an average, a graphic designer takes anywhere from $20-$350 for a project. However, most of the designing charges average $65-$75 per hour in our country. The hourly rate may vary in each state. This is because the designers take local costs, training materials, reputation, tax and experience into consideration while setting a price for their project.

Another factor that affects the cost of the project is the complexity of the project. If the project is simple and standard, the designer may offer you a flat rate quote. However, the rate per project changes if the client wants customized templates, logos, videos and graphic design services. While a logo creation may cost around $150, a professional range banner and logo creation may cost more than $2,000. Some high-end design firms also charge more than $5,000 for template and logo designing. Again, it depends on the experience, reputation and market presence of the company as these factors affect the price as well.

In general, designing a basic brochure can anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands. The price may go up depending on the project duration, number of revisions and color addition and local rates, firm’s experience and reputation. Extensive revisions  usually involves an extra charge too. This extra cost includes the hourly cost for the design, their standard revision rate, and the graphic design fees for the extensive revisions.

How long does it take?

A simple logo design project  takes anywhere between 10 to 30 hours. Typically, a template design and ad design projects last for a longer period of time. Some of the designers may take more than a week to finish these projects. Large scale projects may last for months together till completion.

What skills are needed to do graphic design?

A graphic designer should have keen observation skills, creative thinking and analytical skills and knowledge of tools that are used in graphic designing. The work of designing involves usage of a number of essential tools, physical tool kit and stylus sketchpads. Also, designers should be aware of a variety of methods that are used to combine the creative art and technology to bring an impressive final output. When it comes to technical knowledge, graphic designer should have the knowledge of basic programming in HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Who hires graphic designers?

Companies looking forward to create a customized logo with an impressive brand message and campaign message should hire graphic designers. For creating brochures, newsletters and business posters, you can hire a graphic designer too.