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To anyone in San Diego (or the world for that matter – we don’t discriminate here) who thinks graphic design doesn’t matter, consider this:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
–Steve Jobs

Yes, I get it – it’s an obvious quote from Steve Jobs. But I love that quote because it says so much. So, if his quote didn’t already blow your mind into a thousand squishy pieces – Don’t Panik! I promise to blow it by the end of this page. Wait. That came out wrong…

“Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts.”

Think about that for a second. By simply creating visuals, your social media posts, products, services, and businesses are all instantly more memorable – 6.5 times more likable!

As an example, this is an infographic we designed for CRC Health Group:

Infographic Almost Anorexic Graphic Design San Diego
These are just some of the places that infographic went. Here are others examples from that same campaign:

Infographic Shocking Drug Stats Graphic Design San Diego   Infographic Medications A Killer In The Cabinet Graphic Design San Diego   Infographic Shocking Drug Stats Graphic Design San Diego

This infographics campaign traveled all across their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their own website. Since it’s evergreen content, we schedule them to re-post them at regular intervals to maximize their exposure. Why bother spending a lot of time & money creating a piece of content that’s only going to be used once?

“Tweets with images earned up to 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets, Buffer reported.”


Still image infographics are a great way to get your message across, but we truly excel in the creation of motion graphics. And our video projects have won multiple awards for our graphic design. You can view the full list of all our awards here.

Here is a reel of our motion graphic design work:


Creating great content is a great first step. And – if we’re allowed to do some shameless self-promotion – we’re truly great at it!

But the next step in our strategy is just as important. And that’s getting the word out across all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram using both organic posting as well as paid advertising campaigns.

We manage posting to all your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and will optimize the best times to post as well as automate this process so that there’s a constant stream of posts, updates, and interaction with your audience.


Direct response email campaigns are another way to target customers. We have access to email address lists and can focus our search on business owners and marketing professionals in medium-to-large businesses. Each carefully crafted email features visually-pleasing HTML design and is regularly sent to both your existing customers as well as new leads.

Email Campaign Kindle Graphic Design   Email Campaign Alumni Association Flier Graphic Design San Diego   Email Campaign Alumni Connections Flier Graphic Design San Diego

We will not only increase your followers on social media. But we’ll also give them things that are naturally shareable and interact with followers to make them feel heard.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”
–Ralf Speth


Yeah, okay we admit it – there’s a weird punctuation in the above header. But it doesn’t matter, because this entire page has some wonderful imagery, right!? And after reading all the stats and looking at all the visuals, you now realize that text is dead and visuals are what really count!

So send us an email and let’s create some amazing visuals together that gets you more business!