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We probably don’t have to tell you that today there are so many advantages to advertise, market, and promote with video. The popularity of using video to promote a product or a service has grown exponentially in the past few years. The truth is PEOPLE LOVE WATCHING VIDEOS – they’d rather watch three minutes of content than read it. After all, video is an easy format that quickly grabs busy audiences’ attention without much effort. Plus, generating a lead through video marketing is faster and easier than any other process of online marketing. If you are able to create an engaging, visually-appealing, entertaining and informative video, then you can successfully promote your business and find the target audience through the video marketing technique. And Don’t Panik! is your video marketing agency to do just that for ya 😉

Small boy shooting vintage video - that's how you hire the best San Diego video marketing.Up until recently, many novice and experienced marketers have created videos to promote their business. However, using a professionally edited video is going to be every bit worth your investment and more. We’ve got the eye and mind to capture video just right to promote your website and business. But hey, before you decide to hire video marketing, there are a few things you should know.

So, Ah, Exactly What Is Video Marketing?

The method of online marketing that uses a video narration as a part of the promotion is known as video marketing. In this day and age, this is the hottest trend among most of the marketers opting for online marketing. Because of the huge number of Internet users now own smartphones, they prefer to watch a video online to know more about a product, service or business. Even though video marketing is a very popular marketing trend of today, is it the right format for you to advertise your business? When you hire Don’t Panik!, you’re never left in the dark … you learn more about the process of video marketing, its format, advantages and the right way to advertise your business with video marketing.

How To Hire The Best San Diego Video Marketing Agency

Let’s see … there’s probably no other way to this: with video marketing, you’re going to get what you pay for. This is your business and your reputation – not something you should leave up to just anyone. So, when choosing an agency, we encourage you to consider the price, experience and reputation. Always ask for a quote and samples of their work.

Let’s sum that up for ya again:

  • Check a few samples and ask for a demo video.
  • Find more about most recent projects.
  • Get several quotes from different agencies

It’s Like Lead Generation Magic!

Lead generation is the name of the game! Because videos can easily become viral, this can be one of your most effective lead-generation tools. Well-qualified leads generate more clicks and eventually results in finding a list of potential customers. New options in video marketing also include social media sharing options. This is one great way to share your content and information with thousands of others just with a click of a single button. Analysts also claim that video converts better than other methods of marketing. Plus, video marketing always has a better lead qualification and customer insights. Video marketing is easily integrated with marketing automation and CRM platforms, which in turn helps to turn data into results.

Best part about all of this … if you don’t want to lift a single finger, Don’t Panik! can everything for you!

What Does Video Marketing Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from $25 to $250 per hour. Companies charge between $75 to $150 based on the tasks and the criticality of the project. Professional companies may charge more if you are particular about the video you want for your marketing. This price includes everything from shooting, editing, directing and incorporating music in the video. If your company wants a professional TV commercial, you may have to pay more. There are some basic factors that drive the video production cost.

  • Time: The team behind the video production spends time in planning, location scouting, scripting and editing to add special effects. When you have specific ideas in mind, you may want the production team to spend more time in bringing forward the exact final product you have imagined for. Adding more people to the team will also cost you more.
  • Experience: It is evitable that hiring a professional and experienced team will cost you more than hiring a fresh graduate who is good at video editing. The greater the talent of the team members on the project, the better your end product will be.
  • Tools: While some companies use basic tools to create a video for your company, a number of them use professional cameras, lighting kits, sophisticated software for video editing and motion graphics to make your video look the way you want. Usage of top level technology and tools will certainly increase the cost of your project for video creation.

Typical Turn Around Times

Creating a video can take a few hours to a few days. Again, it depends on the specifications provided by the client. After creating the video, the editing team makes some changes and adds graphics, animation and music to it. The final end product also includes your marketing message, company information, digital interactions and product information. As a video becomes a prominent part of your marketing campaign, it should include everything from a product-driven scenario to a strong marketing message to contribute better lead generation and revenue. Because modern video marketing platforms offer social media sharing options, audience engagement is also very important. Thus, the entire project can take anywhere between a few days to a month for the entire compilation.

Does Video Marketing Make A Difference?

When it comes to the marketing statistics, it’s no secret that the video marketing method is growing significantly. This is one of the biggest marketing strategies that you can employ for your business or organization. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook now have video sharing options, launch video autoplay options and create video options so that users can share their memories, thoughts and connect with friends. Researchers have also claimed that using the word video boosts the email open rate by 19 percent.

Who Do We Work For?

Most of our clients include companies, small businesses and marketers who hire us to create video for their product advertisement, promotion and campaigning. Because videos give marketers an opportunity to connect with customers directly, this is an effective strategy to find your target niche easily. Online marketers also find video marketing strategies quite effective, because they can easily generate leads, build links and drive a massive traffic to your product or service website just by using a video for their marketing.