If you’re searching for ‘san diego video production,’ hey! You hit the jackpot! Video production is the heart and passion of what we do. Keep reading to learn more about what all is involved and why you should choose Don’t Panik! for your next video production project:

What is this video production stuff anyway?

Video production is a combination of writing or narration, shooting and editing a film to make it look professional and use it for business promotion and campaigning purposes. In its most basic form, video production includes writing the script, filming the content and editing the video file.

Your San Diego Video Production ProsA script is necessary to help you understand the process and need of the video. This is indeed an outline for you to follow while filming the content. For an instance, a video for marketing should include details about the product you want to promote and some narration. When you know what your video should include, you can come up with ideas to shoot the film. In addition, you can include product images, background music and a narrative introduction in your video. These are the common steps included in video production and in video making.

While the making of a professional video includes various steps, the initial steps are only to find the idea, create an outline, shooting and edit the existing video file to add graphics and images. Sound editing is also a part of the video production too. As professional video editors, we categorize this process to pre-production, production and post-production categories.

What to look for when hiring a video production company?

Video editing and production can sometimes feel tough. With the Don’t Panik! professional team hired for your video production, you don’t have to worry about any of these. We do everything for you and edit the video to make it look like the way you want. Here’s what you should consider when hiring a video production company:

1) Do some comparisons:

Video production can seem very simple, but it includes many steps and requires professional knowledge. Today, almost every device comes with a video recording feature. That doesn’t mean that anyone can be a video production professional. When you want a video for marketing and online campaign purposes, you need it to look very professional.

Ask about the equipment used such as cameras, video production software and editing options to learn about how the work is done. Ask to see work samples.

While doing the comparison, see if they use professional grade cameras and camcorders. Check the video samples to view the mediums they use, angles of photo shoots and lighting. Also, check with their production crew and their skills before asking for the quote. Don’t forget to ask them about the time taken for the project accomplishment and extra costs for other services. Once you have these details and the quote, you can easily compare with other quotes from different service providers in the video production industry.

2) Skill and Experience:

You would never want to work with some college graduates who claim to know everything about video production. To find a great finished product, you should hire a professional and skillful team. Typically, video production companies include different individuals for each job. They have professional shooting guys, video editors, narrators and background crews and lastly, the sound editors. Find out who will really be working with you during the entire project. You can check each team member’s qualification and experience. In this way, you will be able to decide whether to choose this team or not.

3) Project Management:

When you hire a team for video production, find out who will assist you in production planning. No matter how small is your video production project, you will need some advisors to assist you during the project planning step. Having the right person besides you will help you to do smart project planning and an effective result in the end.

4) Time and payment:

After reviewing the video production inclusive and the quote, it is your job to work with the team for scheduling the video shoot. If you are hiring a team, you should know if they work at a specific time or any time as per your need. Some companies offer video shooting services per hour basis. If you need the team for more than a day, then you may end up spending a lot. Before you start up with the project and sign the contract to hire the team, find more about their schedules, payment options and project productivity. In this way, you can keep the expenditure within your budget.

5) Customer Service:

A professional video production company should prioritize customer service. Learn more about the company’s customer service to know whether they provide assistance after the project completion or not. Aside from the team’s experience, skill, and planning, you should see how competent they are while offering great customer service. This is an important factor for you to consider while hiring a video production company.

What equipment and software is used?

One important step of video production is the film shooting. The final output of your project depends on how good your video is. A shaky and blurry video can pose negative impression on your viewers. Therefore, it is important for the video production team to choose the right equipment and software. While a DSLR camera works great for still photography, that mayn’t be a good choice of equipment for video production. Check with your team about the equipments they use. Using a professional range camcorder, tripod and light system will help you to shoot a good video. If you are making a music video with images, then make sure to talk with your editing team. It is now their job to compile the video by using the images and footage shot and editing them well for a good final output. The editing team uses software to edit the films and do the sound editing for an effective final video. Remember that a well-produced video will eventually make your online business grow and boost your profits.

What does video production in San Diego cost?

The cost of video production can be different based on the project you have. While a small and narrative video will cost you a few hundred dollars, a professional grade campaign video can go anywhere about a thousand dollars. On an average, the video production cost can be closer to $800 to $1,000 per a finished minute of video. A corporate grade video can cost more because it involves 5-8 minutes of video with illustrating footage, voice talent, narration and campaign message. Of course, if you want to include something fancy, then it will cost you more. Custom animation, good grade graphics, and special editing can also increase the final budget of your video production. Some companies charge different for the type of video you choose for your project. While a simple narration with video with sound editing may not cost more, a how-to video with voice narration and editing will cost you more than $1,500.

How long does it take?

The video production usually takes a few hours to a few days depending on the client’s needs. Because video production involves a lot of post-production steps, it may take more than a day to create the required final product even after the shooting is done. Most companies include planning and script writing in the pre-discussion time and shooting on the following day. The editing, graphics and sound editing are done after the shooting and based on the client’s choice, interest and requirements.

What skills are important to do video production?

Video production is a process that includes many sub-processes. Unless you are working with a multi-talented individual, you need to hire a team of professionals to do the production job. The pre-production is always conducted by the script writers and project planners. Professional photographers perform the video shooting and editors make the video editing by using appropriate software. Video shooting, project planning and management, script writing and editing skills are very important to do a video production.

Who hires a San Diego video production company?

In the online marketing world, there are many ways to promote your business and product. The video marketing is an effective and most popular method of online campaigning. Most of the online marketers, small business owners, and corporations hire video production companies for their business marketing purposes and for their company’s professional campaigning video launch.

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